The trip started with a phone call. “Hey Dad, it’s Taylor. I just arrived at the airport. How far out are you?”. A sleepy response, “The flight’s tomorrow isn’t it?”.

I thought he was messing with me. Nope. He mixed up the days.

This is a special year for mental health. More than ever, each of us may be faced with the impacts of isolation, economic struggle, and fear. It may be the most difficult year for mental health across the globe we’ll ever see in our lifetime.

So as part of the conversation, I thought I’d share a piece of my story.


After a diagnosis in 2009, I had worked hard to manage my mental health. Living with bipolar is a rollercoaster, and I have been dead-set on learning to ride the waves with grace. I’ll save the back story from…

A typical summer sunday for us in Canada entails a beer by the dock, honking on the 401, and a disheveled unpacking before facing Monday.

In Africa, it was a head on collision, a mountain of fire, and memories of the mans screams ringing in my mind as I fell asleep.

This is how that Sunday went.

We were in gridlock on a mountain pass in Southern Africa. Traffic was blocked in both directions, and only one truck separated us from a deadly head on collision.

Although we had planned to be asleep by this time, a gruelling 4 hour…

Jan 30th. Luang Prabang, Laos. On the plane, with tears in my eyes.

Mekong Sunrise.

Twice I’ve left a place with tears in my eyes.

First was Victoria, BC in December 2013 after a year long recovery from a deep 8 month depression. The loving community I experienced there, inspiring creative spirts and natural beauty helped me build myself back to health. I left in the best shape of my life at age 25 ready to start my career more whole than I had been in the last decade.

Second was leaving a castle in the coastal mountains of France…

On Thoughts

What makes a person interesting? A thought I always toil with. Is it a goatee that does it? Maybe an accent and a good story? There’s no true answer I could find, though it became clear to me that it was my goal. To become an interesting person, with stories worth sharing. Yet just last week, I read something from Gladwell that changed my perspective. He was writing about a journalist finding a good story:

“you dont start at the top if you want to find a story. You…

Taylor McGuire

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